Our Clients and Testimonials

The proof of our work is in our client base, our numbers, our awards, and our willing and able partners. We are regarded as the growth partner for the brands of tomorrow because we have helped build so many of today’s famous innovators. Read the testimonials, check out the performance stories, and imagine where our drive for growing great companies can take yours.

Adrianne Phillips, President of Strategic Alliance for Veteran Integration (SAVI)

SZERDS is incredible to work with. Their positive energy, creative perspective and commitment to execution shows in every deliverable. They have been a great addition to our team and we look forward to many more projects together. Highly recommended, quality and consistent service!


D. Alejandro Garcia, COO of the Syndgar Trading Co.

The SZERDS team has done it again with strong visuals that appear to jump from my screen and clarity to make me feel as if I'm not only in the moment but living it too. Extreme professionalism and excellent customer service, I highly recommend SZERDS to everyone in need of content creation or digital marketing.


Patrick Mudge, Chief Executive Officer at Icey-Tek USA

If you're looking for impact videos that will align with your company image, you need them quick and expecting them to "pop" - SZERDS is the one stop shop. First, they have a consult with you to capture your vision and they have always delivered on their promises. You won't be disappointed!


Laura Kandewen, International Best-Selling Author

SZERDS video production delivered exactly what I was looking for. My vision and my expectations were met. Their customer service approach is client centered and tailored to match your needs. I love the fact SZERDS wants their clients to win and gives 100 percent of their creativity to every project.


Jack Shoenberger, Founder of J.A. Schoenberger Consulting

SZERDS has a knack for spotting opportunities and connecting people to those opportunities in a way that creates the most radiant value and goodness possible. If you have an opportunity to start a business relationship with them in any manner, I am confident it will be one of the best strategic business decisions you will ever make.


Nick Konecny, Owner of Armory Survival

SZERDS communication was great and they helped walk me through the process of getting this all done, something I hadn't done before. Everything arrived on time and was of top quality. Would highly recommend them!


Dennis Cohen, Founder of The Spoils of War

I want to thank Justin (owner SZERDS) for all he has done to help not only The Spoils of War but me as a person. Collaborating with SZERDS is always an amazing experience and they provide so much great work, consistency and amazing ideas. I look forward to our continued collaborations and I would recommend them any and every day to work with others. Keep up the great work!


Terry Maynard, Owner of Pitch and Rudder LLC

Working with the team at SZERDS has been nothing short of amazing. They have the ability to plan and forecast events, because of this they can focus on quality and creative products that truly meet our requirements. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to make a difference in their clients and customers eyes!


Mike Waldron, Executive Director of 23rd Veteran

I'm a perfectionist when it comes to video and branding. I struggled to find a professional video editor that was affordable. SZERDS crushed my expectations by delivering professional quality videos, well-designed motion graphics, and wonderful customer service all at an affordable and quick turn-around. They are one of the best in the business!


Sean Douglas, TedX Speaker, Founder of The Success Corp and host of Life Transformation Radio

I worked with SZERDS on setting up my video marketing strategy and they are absolutely brilliant! They made the process so easy and I recommend them to everyone. They literally got me to the next level. I am forever grateful to them. If you're looking to take your video marketing to the next level, there is no one better! I mean that.


Stephen Colon, Founder of Knucklehead Promotions, host of Knucklehead Podcast

SZERDS has been able to create some very compelling work for multiple brands and in doing so has adding IMMENSE value to service offerings for Knucklehead. Their work and precise communication skill has led to an increase in sales, an increase in customer satisfaction and thus leading to a much more satisfying customer experience. Truly thankful for their vision and ability to execute!!


Donnie Boivin, International Speaker and host of Success Champions Podcast

I've worked with SZERDS for awhile now, they are on top of their game building OBS layouts and videos, also incredibly professional. Really enjoy working with them.

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