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GO LIVE differs from BeLive in that it is a one-time fee, no subscription, no limit on the number of lives you can do, and we do all the graphic and video design for you.

With BeLive, you can brand their lives but you have to pay someone else to create all the graphics and branding for you. We're a one stop shop.

You don't have to be a techie to utilize the service and we're going to walk you, one on one, through setup and teach you how to use the program on your own.

The service is more comprehensive than Zoom and actually allows you to show your Zoom meetings over FB Live or YouTube live, or even a recording. It won’t replace Zooms meetings but will allow you to broadcast them across FB or YouTube with your branding overlaid on top.

With Zoom you don't have an intro video or starting soon screen. The reason you want one is because we all know there are those awkward first few moments of a live where you're staring at an empty chat and inviting people to watch. With a "LIVE starting soon" screen or an intro video, viewers won't see you until you're ready and removes the awkwardness.

Then, while you're live, we design an animated lower third for you that can be static with your logo and info or scrolling text with any kind of info you'd like and you can edit at any time.

When you're ready to end the live, we design a "thank you for watching" screen or an outro video to be played so people don't see you fumbling around to end the live.

An added bonus of all of this is that when you go to download and repurpose this live video, it already has your branding so there is no need to pay someone else to make it look professional for YouTube or IGTV, etc... simply upload the live and your graphics and branding will already be there! We're going to teach you how to do that!

GO LIVE will allow you to stream live to Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube, YouTube Gaming, SmashCast, Mixer, Daily Motion, Restream.io, LIVEEdu.tv, Twitter, Periscope, and any custom server.

GO LIVE also includes unlimited tech support, no overseas call center, a real person available 24/7 to help troubleshoot any issues, forever!

After the one on one consult we’ll walk you through the process of installing and setting up the software, taking time to test the stream and branded experience with you in private before going live in front of your customers.

We also include loads of education, you will receive a USB drive with step by step visual instructions, equipment recommendations, LIVE video tips, life hacks such as "How to transcribe your LIVE videos into text FOR FREE" and more.

GO LIVE also supports multi-cam setups, split screen, and many many more options!

The initial cost pre-launch BETA is $500 for the first 5 individuals/business. 01/11/2019 will be the official launch and the price will go to $997-1500 depending on a bunch of different variables.