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Top 5 Client Gift Ideas that Don’t Suck

Client gifting, or what I like to call, “Strategic Gifting” is an against-the-grain sneaky-squirrel weapon of real influencers. It allows individuals and businesses alike to boost retention rates, referrals, and ROI like few other tactics.

“Are gifts really the answer?” … “But what gifts do I give?”

Great questions.

Your clients, prospects, and employees yearn for an authentic and meaningful connection to your brand. Just being in front of them on social media is no longer enough, consumers demand more, and we have to provide that to them or we are doomed to be forgotten and left behind.

Most would agree that relationships are important. So why then, do we all send the same recycled, generic gifts or God forbid promotional products… to our clients? Sending a promotional product, branded with your logo, to a client, is like attempting to turn them into a billboard or a NASCAR car. That’s not appreciation, generosity, or very thoughtful at all, in fact... it sucks!

For your gifts to be received well you must first know your client. It’s helpful to list their likes and don’t likes and other personal things you know about them when selecting the right gift. You don’t want to send wine to a recovering alcoholic, nuts to someone with an allergy, etc…

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Merchants use giveaways for at least three primary reasons: First, it helps to create awareness for your brand. Second, it helps to engage your audience, and third, giveaways help to generate leads.

Our team at Szerds has helped numerous brands and businesses run giveaways. Consider our services the next time you want to package and deliver some prizes to a lucky contestant. In the meanwhile, here are four tips that you will want to consider to host a successful giveaway.

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Justin Szerletich, former Marine Corps Infantryman, turned public servant, turned entrepreneur, will be appearing on the top-rated show “BISTalk Radio” on July 3, 2018, 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm, to discuss his life experiences, entrepreneurial journey, and unique insight into the power of meaningful gift-giving to strengthen and maintain remarkable relationships with clients and employees.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Signage Still Matters

There seems to have been a seismic shift in recent years for companies to migrate everything ‘on brand’ online. However signage for high street stores, showrooms and businesses is thriving in both the corporate and property market. Having good branding is what you stand behind day in day out, wherever that may be. Here are our top 5 reasons why physical signage still matters to your customers, and therefore by definition, you.

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UV Printing vs Conventional Printing- Environmental Considerations

UV Printing was almost unheard of until recently. So what's the difference between UV and Conventional printing, you ask.

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