5 Videos To Add To Your Social Media Marketing

5 Videos To Add To Your Social Media Marketing

5 Videos To Add To Your Social Media Marketing

Since the inception of social media platforms, marketing for many brands has become easier. According to research, the time spent by an average internet user daily is 5 hours. As a result, more companies have decided to tap into this audience and sell their products. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have some of the largest amount of users. The number for each grows annually causing the audience to be bigger every day. Now, more brands have multiple accounts across different social media platforms to enable them sell their products. This is extremely effective because these products can reach a large audience at once.

Social media marketing entails showcasing your products via attractive media and engaging captions. There are several factors that help a brand’s social media marketing become a success. Asides from always posting engaging captions, the media has a lot to do with it. Posting high quality and attractive pictures and videos are always a great idea. However, while taking attractive pictures are easier, having an idea of the type of video to post can be difficult.

Videos help showcase your products and services even more than pictures, so, you definitely need it. The following are 5 types of videos to add to your social media marketing;

Demo Videos

One of the most valuable videos that can improve your social media marketing is demo videos. Demo videos are like an instructional video that fully explains how your products or services work. Making a demo video of your product available to your followers sells its values to prospective clients. Also, it helps them understand the product before even purchasing it.

Tip: Always add a call to action at the end, as it will prompt them to contact you as soon as possible.

Live Videos

Live videos are a great option for videos that drive social media marketing via engagement. Every person would love to interact and connect with a brand that they feel is unique. These videos are always great for some activities like announcing a giveaway and behind-the-scenes. Also, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter make longer live videos easier to achieve. Longers videos can be used in a Q & A session and generally conversing with followers.

Tip: Invest in the right equipment for great lighting and sound. Also, promote your live sessions before you actually do it.

Testimonial Videos

Having testimonial videos is always a great idea for fueling your social media marketing. Every single person loves to hear reviews from different users of a product because it helps them make a decision. While text-based reviews can sell a product, video testimonials take it to a whole new level. Giving your clients the opportunity to explain the benefits of using your products helps in marketing your products. Your audience would most likely believe a video over a text-based review.

Tip: You do not necessarily need clients to send in a video. You can utilize a PowerPoint presentation and a voice recording of your clients.

Informational Videos

One major fact about social media marketing is engaging with your audience is a must. As a brand, posting subjects relevant to your brand drives engagement. Hence, the need to post informational videos. When posting informational videos, it is important for it to be creative and engaging. It should be a concept your followers will most likely share and comment on. Most times, informational videos can be boring, so, it is your duty to make yours different.

Tip: Pay attention to the trending topics in social media and post only short videos. Longer videos can become too tiring after a while.

Webinar & Video Invitations

Promoting webinar registrations and other campaigns have been a hassle for many marketers for a long time. However, since the population of social media users is incredibly high, a video is a great idea. Driving video invitations, is, also, a good way to visually attract users to an event. Videos are generally a lot more engaging compared to text-based invitations, so a higher response can be anticipated.

Tip: Always keep your webinar invitations short and precise. Ensure the value of attending is highlighted and make registration easier.

Social media marketing has been one of the major go-to marketing technique for many brands over the years. Since engagement is the driving force for social media marketing, videos make it super easy to convince users to purchase your products. Try out one/some of these videos to fuel your social media marketing today.

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