You Should Be Using an Animated Logo!

You Should Be Using an Animated Logo!

What’s an animated logo?

A logo is like a heart of a brand identity. It presents a personality of a company or a product and plays a significant role in a branding strategy. A powerful logo can set the connection with the target audience as well as tell the story of a brand. If graphic designers do their job right, a logo establishes an effective brand image which serves as the foundation of a successful marketing strategy.

The age of only print-focused and static graphic design has passed. Modern technology opens great opportunities and professionals need to take an advantage of it.

An animated logo is a modern and dynamic way to present a brand. It can show a company character and transfer a certain message attracting clients. Moreover, it is a good way to stand out from competitors since an animated logo guarantees originality. Let’s see the list of benefits which an animated logo brings to a brand:

Hold Their Attention Longer

One of the reasons that animated logos are the good idea is that they tend to keep the viewer’s attention much longer than traditional static logo images. By creating a dynamic animated logo, rather than just using a static graphic image, you might be increasing the level of engagement of your target audience and holding their attention longer.

Create and Promote Your Brand Awareness

Remember that one of the key focuses of your brand and your website should be to promote brand awareness. When you create an animated logo, you increase the level of interest and engagement in your brand. People will start to associate your brand with your logo, and they may respond to what you have to say in a different way. Something as simple as your logo can make a difference so why not try it and see?

Increased sharing

Remember that one of the main goals as a business owner should be to get more people to share your message. No matter where your message resides, whether it is a video or a podcast, or any other type of media, the ultimate goal is to get them to share your website. By increasing shares of your actual website, you will increase the likelihood of sales and increase revenue. One of the things you can do to accomplish this is to create an animated logo that will entertain people when they see your brand.

Don’t forget that your logo will be everywhere; not just on your website. But your website should serve as the home base of your logo and your brand. Think of your blog, your YouTube videos, podcasts, and various other assets as extensions of your brand. Remember that you will want your logo everywhere. The more you put your logo out there, the more your company will become a household name and people will recognize your logo when they see it.

Where to use your animated logo

As mentioned above, your animated logo can be used in many different ways:

    1. Use it on Instagram: Instagram is a highly visual social media platform which makes it a perfect place to show off your logo. Use it as a short video or as a part of your Instagram story.
    2. Intro/Outro in your videos: No matter what type of video content you’re putting out, use your animated logo as an intro to build brand recognition or as an outro to serve as a call to action that sends viewers to your website
    3. During the video: You can also use a smaller version of your animated logo during the video in one of the bottom corners.
    4. On your website, in place of a regular logo: Most of the brands use their static logo in the header area of your website. Put a unique spin on this by using the animated version of your logo. Set the animation to play once and you’ll be sure to stand out among the competition.
    5. On your Facebook page: Post a video file or a link to your animated logo when you’re sharing promotional content from your website
    6. On your Twitter profile – Twitter has exploded with GIFs recently and it also auto plays videos so it makes sense to share your brand new animated logo there. It’s a great attention-grabber that’s sure to make your followers stop and pay attention on this fast-paced social network.

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