SZERDS Revamp and Roadmap!

SZERDS Revamp and Roadmap!

SZERDS Revamp and Roadmap!

Good news! 📮 is back and better than ever! 

Our SZERDS redesign took longer than anticipated and we thank you for your patience. 

SZERDS and the SZERDS website is now where you can find all the latest tips, tricks, and news in the digital marketing world. We invite you to check out our amazing services and offers as well. SZERDS will remain part of the Szerletich Design Solutions family of companies. 

What else is new?

Well, with the recent launch of our video production/editing, motion graphics, and visual effects services and their resounding success, an additional brand will be emerging from Szerletich Design Solutions, tentatively known as Studio SZ. 

Studio SZ will be our in-house motion graphics, CG, VFX, Cinematography, video production/editing, animation, 3D modeling, and live video studio.

Studio SZ will be based in San Diego, CA along with the other Szerletich Design Solutions family of companies.

What about printing and corporate gifting? 

The last change from within the Szerletich Design Solutions family is the announcement that our strategic gifting and printing services will now be getting their own websites and employees to manage those services. Be on the look out for that announcement and site unveiling soon. TBA

We remain committed to hiring military veterans, military spouses, and supporting small business done within the United States.

We are very excited for all of these changes and can not wait to unveil the two new brands for everyone to enjoy. Thank you all and stay awesome


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